Rabadi Sev Katori

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Prepare Quick Rabri:

-Olper’s Milk 2 Cups

-Olper’s Cream ¾ Cup (room temperature)

-Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder) ½ tsp

-Sugar 3-4 tbs or to taste

-Cornflour 2 tbs

-Saffron or Kewra essence ½ tsp

-Pista (Pistachios) chopped 1-2 tbs

-Badam (Almonds) chopped 1-2 tbs

Prepare Vermicelli Cups (Sev Katori):

-Ghee (Clarified butter) 1 & ½ tbs

-Sewaiyan (Vermicelli) crushed 250g

-Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder) 1 tsp

-Water 4 tbs

-Condensed milk 5-6 tbs


-Mixed nuts chopped as required

-Rose buds



Prepare Quick Rabri:

-In a saucepan,add milk,cream,cardamom powder,sugar,cornflour & whisk well.

-Turn on the flame & cook on low flame until it thickens.

-Add saffron or kewra essence,pistachios,almonds & mix well.

-Let it cool.

Prepare Vermicelli Cups (Sev Katori):

-In a frying pan,add clarified butter & let it melt.

-Add vermicelli,mix well & fry on low flame until it changes color & fragrant (2-3 minutes).

-Add cardamom powder & mix well.

-Gradually add water,mix well & cook on low flame for 1-2 minutes.

-Add condensed milk,mix well & cook on low flame for 1-2 minutes or until becomes sticky.


-In a small flat base bowl,place a cling film,add warm vermicelli mixture & press it with the help of wooden pie presser to make a shape of bowl & refrigerate until set (15 minutes) than remove carefully.

-In vermicelli bowl,add prepared rabri & garnish with mixed nuts,rose buds & serve (makes 7-8).

Recipe By: Kanwal Mohsin

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