Iced Coffee Ice-cream Floats 2-ways

Cool down and indulge with our irresistible Iced Coffee Ice Cream Floats! Try them two delicious ways in our latest recipe video, blending the perfect combination of creamy Hico ice cream and refreshing coffee. Treat yourself to a frosty treat that’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and elevate your summer sipping experience. ☕🍨🌞 #Hico #foodfusion #digitalammi #IcedCoffeeFloats #SummerIndulgence #happycookingtoyou  @hicoicecreamofficial 

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Prepare Coffee Mixture:

-Hot water 2 Cups

-Sugar 3 tbs

-Instant coffee 3 tbs

Iced Coffee Ice Cream Float:

Prepare Creamer:

-Doodh (Milk) ½ Cup

-Cream 2-3 tbs

-Chocolate syrup

-Ice cubes

-Hico Indulge Belgian Chocolate 2-3 Scoops

Affogato ice cream Float:

-Caramel syrup

-Ice crushed as required

-Hico Vanilla ice cream 2 Scoops

-Soda water ½ Cup

-Caramel sauce



Prepare Coffee Mixture:

-In a jug,add hot water,sugar,instant coffee & whisk well.

-Refrigerate until chilled.

Iced Coffee Ice Cream Float:

Prepare Creamer:

-In a cup,add milk,cream,whisk well & set aside.

-Garnish serving glass with chocolate syrup,add ice cubes,prepared creamer (2 tbs),Belgian chocolate ice cream,prepared coffee mixture (1/2 Cup) & serve!

Affogato Ice cream Float:

-Garnish serving glass with caramel syrup,add ice cubes,vanilla ice cream,prepared coffee mixture (1/2 Cup),soda water,drizzle caramel & serve!


Recipe By: Bushra Niaz

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