Fried Rice

A quick and easy way to learn how to make Chinese fried rice.
#HappyCookingToYou You can call it a Chinese fried rice fusion recipe

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  •  Boil Rice:
  •  Salt 1 tsp
  •  Vinegar 1 tsp
  •  Rice 1 & ½ cup

Vegetable & egg

  •  Oil 2 tbs
  •  Egg 1
  •  Garlic 1 tbs
  •  Spring onion white chopped ½ cup
  •  Carrot grated 1 cup
  •  Cabbage chopped ½ cup
  •  Spring onion chopped ½ cup
  •  Salt 1 tsp
  •  Chinese salt 1 tsp
  •  Black pepper 1 tsp
  •  Soya sauce 1 tsp
  •  Vinegar 1 tsp
  •  Water ¼ cup


Soak rice in water for two hours.

Boil water and add salt, vinegar to it. Add it to the boiling water. Add oil in it and give it a boil. Drain water and set aside.

Take another pan and add 1 tbs oil to it, crack an egg and stir it quickly to make it in threads. Take out egg set aside. Add 1 tbs of oil and add garlic to it. Then add spring onion (white part) and carrot and mix well. Next add cabbage, spring onion, salt, Chinese salt, black pepper, soya sauce and vinegar.

Cook for 2 mins and then add the rice and fried egg and mix. Add ¼ cup water and keep it on low flame for 5 mins.

Recipe By: Saima Asad

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