Dahi Bara Chaat

Everyone is always ready for a spiced up plate of Dahi Bara Chaat. Make it like a pro at home and enjoy your iftar. #HappyCookingToyou #ShanSpices #FoodFusion

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  • Mong daal (Yellow lentil) 1 Cup (soaked in warm water for 4 hours then strain)
  • Mash daal (White lentil) ¼ Cup (soaked in warm water for 4 hours then strain)
  • Adrak paste (Ginger paste) ½ tsp
  • Hari mirch (Green chilies) chopped 2
  • Baking soda 1 tsp
  • Pani (Water) as required
  • Namak (Salt) ½ tbs

Date Tamarind Chutney

  • Sabut lal mirch (Button red chilies) 6-8
  • Saunf (Fennel seeds) ½ tsp
  • Zeera (Cumin seeds) 2 tsp
  • Imli pulp (Tamarind pulp) 1 Cup
  • Khajure (Dates) soft & deseeded 8-10
  • Gur (Jaggery) crushed ¼ Cup
  • Pani (Water) ½ Cup or as required
  • Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste
  • Kala namak (Black salt) ¼ tsp
  • Adrak powder (Ginger powder) ½ tsp

Green Chutney:

  • Hari mirch (Green chilies) 3-4
  • Lemon
  • juice 2 tbs
  • Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste
  • Podina (Mint leaves) ½ Cup
  • Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) ½ Cup
  • Pani (Water) 1 tbs or as required


  • Papri
  • Dumplings
  • Chanay (Chickpeas) boiled
  • Aloo (Potato) boiled & cubes
  • Tamatar (Tomato) deseeded & chopped
  • Pyaz (Onion) chopped
  • Namak (Salt)
  • Lal mirch (Red chili) crushed
  • Chaat masala
  • Zeera (Cumin seeds) roasted & crushed
  • Lemon juice
  • Green chutney
  • Date tamarind chutney
  • Sev nimco
  • Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) chopped


In blender,add yellow lentil,white lentil and blend until smooth.

In bowl,add blended lentil mixture and mix well for 4-5 minutes until fluffy.

Take a bowl filled with water and drop small drop of batter in it. If the batter immediately starts to float on top of the water,the batter is ready.If not then whisk it some more.

Add ginger paste,green chilies and baking soda,mix well & set aside.

In wok,heat oil and fry dumplings until golden brown.

Use instantly or can be store in air tight box for up to 4 days in refrigerator.

Can be freeze in air tight box for up to 1 month.

In bowl,add water,salt and mix.

Now add dumplings in salted water and let them soak for 15 minutes,take them out,press and squeeze excess water and keep aside.

For Date Tamarind Chutney:

In saucepan,add button red chilies,fennel seeds,cumin seeds and roast until fragrant.

Add tamarind pulp,dates,jaggery,water,salt,black salt and ginger powder,mix well and cook on low flame for 5 minutes.

Turn off the heat and blend until smooth with hand blender & let it cool.

For Green Chutney:

In blender jar,add green chilies,lemon juice,salt,mint leaves,fresh coriander and water,blend until smooth & set aside.


In serving plate,add papri,dumplings,chickpeas,potato,tomato,onion,salt,red chili crushed,chaat masala,cumin seeds,lemon juice,green chutney,date tamarind chutney,yogurt,chickpeas,papri,potato, tomato,onion,sev nimco,yogurt,green chutney,date tamarind chutney,green chutney,red chili crushed, salt,chaat masala,fresh coriander & serve!

Recipe By: Seema Hanif

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