Jalebi Paratha

For your winter breakfasts, only a delicious Jalebi Lachedar Paratha would do. Paired with the perfect aroma and taste of Olper’s Tarrka, this layered and crispy paratha is your go to for you to enjoy with your loved ones. #happycookingtoyou #foodfusion #digitalammi #olperstarrka #olpers

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-Maida (All-purpose flour) sifted 3 Cups

-Sooji (Semolina) 3 tbs

-Sugar powdered 3 tbs

-Namak (Salt) ½ tsp

-Olper’s Tarrka Desi ghee 2 tbs

-Lukewarm water 1 & ¼ Cup or as required

-Olper’s Tarrka Desi ghee ½ tbs

-Olper’s Tarrka Desi ghee 1 tbs

-Olper’s Tarrka Desi ghee 1 tsp

-Olper’s Tarrka Desi ghee 1 tbs



-In a bowl,add all-purpose flour,semolina,sugar,salt and mix well.

-Add desi ghee & mix well.

-Gradually add lukewarm water & knead until dough is formed.

-Grease dough with desi ghee,cover & let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

-Knead until dough is smooth,take a dough (200g),make a ball,grease hands with ghee & spread the dough with the help of fingers.

-Add desi ghee,spread evenly & dust dry flour,cut into strips the help of cutter & roll stirp like a swiss roll (stretch in between).

-Place rolled dough on next strip & repeat the same process 6 more times than tuck in.

-Grease with desi ghee & press gently.

-On greased dish,place dough balls,cover & rest them for 10 minutes.

-Now spread the dough with the help of fingers to make paratha.

-On heated griddle,place rolled dough,add desi ghee & cook from both sides until done (makes 4).

-Serve with pickle & yogurt.



Recipe By: Seema Hanif

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