Steak on Toast

Bring restaurant style taste at home. Prepare Steak on Toast with mushroom sauce and enjoy your breakfast. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion

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  • For Beef steak strips:
  • Soy sauce 1 tbs
  • Sirka (Vinegar) 1 tbs
  • Kali mirch (Black pepper) crushed ½ tsp
  • Lehsan powder (Garlic powder) ½ tsp
  • Dried Rosemary ½ tsp
  • Dried Parsley 1 tsp
  • Namak (Salt) ½ tsp or to taste
  • Pyaz powder (Onion powder) 1 tsp
  • Beef steak strips undercut 350 g
  • Zaitoon ka tel (Olive oil) 3 tbs

For Mushroom sauce:

  • Makhan (Butter) 2 tbs
  • Khumbi (Mushrooms) sliced ½ cup
  • Pyaz (Onion) chopped 1 medium
  • Gajar (Carrot) chopped ¼ cup
  • Lehsan (Garlic) chopped 2 tbs
  • Dried Rosemary ½ tsp
  • Kali mirch (Black pepper) crushed 1 tsp
  • Dried Parsely ½ tsp
  • Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste
  • Maida (All-purpose flour) 1 & ½ tbs
  • Yakhni (Chicken stock) 1 cup
  • Lemon juice 1 tbs
  • Cream ½ cup

For scrambled eggs:

  • Anday (Eggs) 3
  • Doodh (Milk) 1 tbs
  • Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste
  • Kali mirch (Black pepper) crushed ¼ tsp
  • Makhan (Butter) 2-3 tbs
  • Bread slices (of your choice) 8-10
  • Makhan (Butter) as required
  • Cheddar cheese slices as required


In a bowl add soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper crushed, garlic powder, dried rosemary, dried parsley, salt, onion powder, mix well.

Add beef strips & mix well. Marinate for 30-45 minutes & set aside.

In a wok add olive oil, marinated beef strips & cook it for 10-12 minutes or until tender. Set aside.

In the same wok add butter, mushrooms & cook for 2 minutes.

Add onion, carrot, garlic & fry for 2-3 minutes.

Add dried rosemary, black pepper crushed, dried parsley, salt & cook for 2 minutes while mixing.

Add all-purpose flour & cook for 1-2 minutes.

Add chicken stock, mix well & cook for 2-3 minutes or until thickens.

Add lemon juice, cream & mix well. Cook for 1 minute. Mushroom sauce is ready, set aside.

In a bowl add eggs, milk, salt, black pepper crushed and whisk well.

On a frying pan add butter, whisked eggs & stir it. Cook for 2 minutes & set aside.

On a frying pan add bread slices. Apply butter on both surfaces & toast until brown.

Add cheddar cheese slices on one bread and flip the other slice over it.

Toast them & set aside.


On a plate add toasted bread cheese slices, scrambled eggs, cooked beef steak strips, mushroom sauce & serve!

Recipe By: Seema Hanif

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