Vegetable wontons with cream cheese

Must try Vegetable wontons with cream cheese. Everyone will love these on the iftar table. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion

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-Cooking oil 1 tsp

-Shimla mirch (Capsicum) chopped ½ Cup

-Band gobhi (Cabbage) chopped ¾ Cup

-Gajar (Carrots) grated ¾ Cup

-Hara pyaz (Spring onion) leaves chopped ½ Cup

-Hari mirch (Green chilli) chopped 1 tbs

-Kali mirch powder (Black pepper powder) ½ tsp

-Chicken powder ½ tsp

-Namak (Salt) 1 pinch or to taste

-Cream cheese 3-4 tbs

-Fresh parsley chopped 1 tbs

-Anda (Egg) 1

-Wonton wraps or Roll sheets as required

-Cooking oil for frying



-In a frying pan,add cooking oil,capsicum,cabbage,carrots,spring onion leaves,green chilli,mix well & cook on medium flame for 1-2 minutes.

-Add black pepper powder,chicken powder,salt & mix well.

-Take out in a bowl & let it cool completely.

-Add cream cheese,fresh parsley,mix well & set aside.

-In a bowl,add egg,whisk well & set aside.

-Take 4 x4 inch wonton wrap,add 1 tsp mixture in the center,apply whisked egg at all the edges,fold in triangular shape & seal all sides.

-Apply whisked egg on one corner of triangle and overlap to form wonton shape (makes 28-30).

-In a wok,heat cooking oil and fry on medium flame until golden brown.

-Serve with dipping sauce!


Recipe By: Rabi Nasar

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