Hot Chocolate quick and simple

Its getting cold, try some hot chocolate! If you don’t know how to make hot chocolate, you will be amazed to see how simple it is.

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  •  Doodh (milk) 3 cups
  •  Cream ½ cup
  •  Darchini powder (cinnamon powder) ½ tsp
  •  Instant coffee ½ tsp (optional)
  •  Chocolate chips ¾ cup


In a saucepan, add milk and cream.

Add Cinnamon powder and instant coffee, mix well to combine and bring it to boiling point (don’t let it boil).

Turn off the heat and add chocolate chips and leave for 1 minute.

Whisk well until chocolate melts.

Bring back on heat for 1-2 minutes until its hot.

Pour in a glass or cup and serve with whip cream and chocolate chips.


If you don’t want to add cream, increase the quantity of milk.

There is no need to add sugar in this recipe as chocolate chips are already semi sweet

If you want to replace Chocolate chips with cocoa powder than you will be required to add sugar.

You can substitute chocolate chips with good quality milk chocolate. If using unsweetened chocolate than add sugar as per taste.

We have topped the hot chocolate with whipped cream (comes in a can) and you can also make it at home.

Cinnamon and instant coffee gives it a very nice rich flavor but you can skip it if you don’t like.

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