Street Style Super Soft Daal Dahi Baray

Unveiling the secrets to flawlessly soft street-style Dahi Baray! Keep an eye out for the yogurt trick in the video, just like the one favored by street vendors for that irresistibly smooth texture. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion #DigitalAmmi #RamadanRecipes

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Prepare Mash Daal (Lentil) Baray:

-Mash daal (White lentil gram) 1 & ½ Cup (soaked for 2 hours)

-Water ½ Cup or as required

-Zeera (Cumin seeds) roasted & crushed ½ tsp

-Himalayan pink salt ½ tsp or to taste

-Cooking oil for frying

-Warm water as required

-Himalayan pink salt 1 tbs

Prepare Street Style Smooth Dahi:

-Water 1 Cup

-Cornflour 2 & ½ tbs

-Ice cubes 6

-Dahi (Yogurt) ½ kg

-Himalayan pink salt ½ tsp or to taste

-Sugar powdered 1 tbs


-Papdi as required

-Dahi bara masala

-Khatti meethi chutney



Prepare Mash Daal (Lentil) Baray:

-In a blender jug,add white lentil,gradually add water & blend well to make a thick paste.

-Take out in a bowl,add cumin seeds,pink salt & whisk continuously for 4-5 minutes in same direction until the mixture is fluffy.

Note: To check the consistency of batter,drop 1 tsp of batter & pour in water,if it sinks,beat again for 1-2 minutes.If batter floats,its ready to use.

-In a wok,heat cooking oil,pour batter with the help of greased spoon & fry baray on low flame until golden.

-Let it cool.

-Fried baray can be stored in a zip lock bag for up to 1 month in freezer (makes 18-20).

Note: if using frozen baray,soak them in hot water until thawed.

-In a bowl,add warm water,pink salt & mix well.

-Add fried baray,cover them with a small lid so that they are fully submerged in water for 10-15 minutes.

-Take them out from water & squeeze gently to remove excess water.

Prepare Street Style Smooth Dahi:

-In a saucepan,add water,cornflour,mix well & cook on low flame until it thickens & consistency is glue-like.

-Remove from the flame,add ice cubes,mix well & let it cool.

-In another bowl,add yogurt,pink salt,sugar & whisk well.

-Add cornflour mixture & whisk until well combined.

-Add soaked baray in yogurt mixture until serving.


-In a serving bowl,add prepared dahi baray & break them with spoon.

-Add papdi,dahi bara masala,prepared dahi,dahi bara masala,khatti meethi chutney & serve!

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